The Whispering Grasses


Beneath the prairie skies.

Below the moon and stars.

The grasses whisper.


Under the sun and wind.                                                        

Below the flying geese.

The grasses whisper.


Beneath the thunder and lighting.

Below the rain and snow.

The grasses whisper.


Under my cloudless eyes.

Below my wind-kissed face.

The grasses whisper.


Can you hear them?

Can you hear them?




© 2012, Dr. Jeff Howlin. All rights reserved.

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  1. Dr. Howlin, I am seeking one Jungian psychologist with depth about the myth of Inanna, the descent, dismemberment and rising up. I have my own website and would be very pleased to hear from you. This may not be the proper forum. However, a psychologist says that dismemberment and death are different. I say, the nigredo, the negativa, my dreams of stripped, hung from a peg, living in a tube, and other Inanna underworld images, were part of the seven gates reminiscent of Inanna, Ereskigal and Enheduanna

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