Of Mountains and Dreams 2: What the Hawk Sees

The hawk flies free over the valley below. If you climb the mountain and look toward the valley below, you may see the soaring hawk. Watch the hawk glide and circle while it soars on the currents of air, searching for its prey hiding amongst the rocks, trees and grasses. The hawk glides gently at times, plunging swiftly at others. Its large eyes and keen vision provide a wider perspective and sees thing more clearly in the low light. The hawk sees a path toward its destination. The soaring hawk is like the seer of the sky.

If you look deep inside of yourself, you can find your own wider perspective and seer. This vision and seer is like the hawk flying free over the valley below. Look to your dreams from the night. Your dreams can point you in the direction of your life’s course. They can see in low light. Follow this path. Like the hawk flying free over the valley below, your dreams can hint at and point you toward your destiny. Your dreams are like the seer of your soul.

The hawk flies free over the valley below.




© 2013, Dr. Jeff Howlin. All rights reserved.

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