The Quiet Therapist

I went for a walk in the woods
quiet and stillness
of the forest
I smiled


I meandered along a gentle stream
of flowing water
I relaxed


I ran my fingers over long prairie grasses
falling back to the sway
of the wind
I breathed deep


I swam in a granite-bottomed lake
black water clean
as soap
I was cleansed


I paddled through a marsh
a symphony
of red-winged blackbirds
My spirit soared


I looked into the eyes of a doe
standing by a tree
while grazing
I was forgiven


I hiked amongst boulders
on trails
of my ancestors
I felt strong


I climbed to the top
of the highest mountain
and looked below
I could see clearly now

I went for a walk in the woods
my soul
I had changed


© 2014, Dr. Jeff Howlin. All rights reserved.

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2 Responses to The Quiet Therapist

  1. Robert G. Longpre says:

    Beautiful, Jeff. Thank you

    Robert G. Longpré

  2. Jeff,
    Your work points out the rather unarguable fact that being tuned into nature promotes a more balanced psyche.
    The main reason for my comment may seem spurious, but all such matters are interconnected and mutually supportive I believe. I am also a writer, and a photographer, and live most of the time in the woods in the Moose Mountains in southeast Saskatchewan.
    I am actually trying to track down an email address for Robert G. Longpre, who is the only other person to comment on your blog. I know that you can’t give me his email address, but I was wondering if you would give HIM my email address?
    I stumbled across him (and that led me to your blog) while researching a far northern community in Saskatchewan called Stony Rapids. I believe that Robert was a school administrator there or at Fond Du Lac for two or three years. My interest in the town is that I want to use it as a base from which to travel to a remote northern lake called Cree Lake as a summer retirement activity. My specific question for Robert is whether or not it is possible to travel by a low draft boat (such as an air boat) from Stony Rapids to Cree Lake up the Cree River.
    Thanks in advance.

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