Of Mountains and Dreams: Where the Water Flows Free

Water flows free down the mountain. If you climb the mountain and look toward the valley below, you may see the river flowing down the mountain. Watch it twist and turn while it finds its path among the rocks and trees. The water flows gentle at times, forceful at others. It follows a path toward its destination. The flowing river is like the blood of the earth.

If you look deep inside of yourself, you can find your own life-force like the water. This life-force is like the river flowing free down the mountain. Look to your dreams from the night. Your dreams can point you in the direction of your life’s course. Follow this path. Like the river’s path down the mountain to the valley below, your dreams can point you toward your destiny. Your dreams are like the blood of your soul.

Water flows free down the mountain.


© 2012, Dr. Jeff Howlin. All rights reserved.

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4 Responses to Of Mountains and Dreams: Where the Water Flows Free

  1. I have always been fascinated with rivers. Thinking of them as the Earth’s blood is especially apt. There is a mountain in Glacier National Park called Triple Divide Peak where rain and snowmelt depart in three directions: Atlantic, Pacific, and via Hudson Bay, the Arctic. Following this water through do many levels, domains and regions brings us many opportunities for wonderful analogies like yours.


    • Dr. Howlin says:

      Hi Malcolm,

      Rivers and water in general have always fascinated me too. I’m drawn to being close to water in one form or another. I used to live in Missoula, MT and often visited and hiked in Glacier National Park, though I wasn’t aware of the uniqueness of Triple Divide Peak. I’m curious now that you mention it. Northwest MT is beautiful country. Thanks for visiting my site Malcolm.


  2. Chipo says:

    Good day,
    I had a disturbing dream. I dreamt of a dark male shadow leaving my presence and going its own way, it looked like an old man with shrugged shoulders and a bowed face and i couldnt make out its face.. Up ahead was a mountain covered in crystal snow but suddenly blood started flowing from that mountain and i woke up.

    • Dr. Howlin says:


      Thanks for stopping by my blog. You might want to take a look at a book by Jungian analyst Robert Johnson titled, “Owning Your Own Shadow…”

      Dr. Howlin

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